Trkd GPS

Key Features

Distance and speed

Vivid Display

Clear presentation of your speed and distance in miles or kilometres


Effortless Control

Intuitive controls for touch screens or keypad phones

GPS indicator

Accuracy Indicator

Global Positioning System (GPS) indicator shows current signal accuracy

Slide lock

Screen Guard

Slide-action screen lock to prevent accidental presses

High contrast

Brightness Boost

High contrast mode for bright conditions and for colour blind users

Language flags

Multilingual Support

Support for over a dozen languages, including Chinese, Russian, Hindi and Arabic

GOCE satellite

Space Technology

Speed smoothing algorithm, as used in the ion engine on ESA's GOCE satellite


Advanced Controls

Sophisticated options allow precise control for expert users.

  • Detailed file options record only the information you want
  • Data sample rate selections control file sizes
  • GPX files ensure maximum compatibility with other GPS services
  • Plain text files allow easy spreadsheet analysis
  • GPS controls manage your battery power efficiently
  • Space mode based on our 2016 London Marathon ISS prototype