Trkd GPS

Trkd™ GPS Guide

Master the basics with this beginners' guide to our mobile app.

Main Screen

main screen
  1. Time elapsed since start.
  2. Distance travelled. Click to toggle average speed.
  3. Current speed. Click to toggle maximum speed.
  4. GPS indicator.
  5. Stop current track.
  6. Start/pause/resume current track.
  7. Lock/unlock screen.
  8. File status indicator.
  9. Main menu.
  10. Settings menu.
  11. Quit the app and stop tracking.

Getting Started

play Press the start button to begin tracking.
gps search The display resets, and the GPS icon flashes while your location is calculated.
This may take a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on the GPS signal.
gps found When your location is calculated, the GPS icon goes steady and the timer starts.
Your journey is now being tracked and your progress is displayed.
file The file icon indicates whether your location is being recorded.
stop Press the stop button to end tracking.

Next Steps

settings Customise your settings with help from our FAQ.
Download and display your tracks using our Trkd Maps Guide.
Trkd Overview