Trkd Maps

Your Journey, Your Map

Trkd™ Maps displays your GPX files on a map or satellite image
quickly and accurately, without compromising your privacy.

Map Track

Map Your Track

Instantly display your GPX files as tracks on variety of maps, together with your speed and distance, using map data from:

Zoom and pan around your route, with all the interactive map controls you would expect, to explore your world in glorious detail.

Cromer OS Map

No Upload Required

Rather than send your file to our servers, we process your data in your web browser, without uploading. Your map is displayed quickly and your privacy is respected, as your data never leave your computer.


We recommend that you download your GPX file from your device to a computer in order to appreciate the detail of Trkd Maps on a bigger screen.

Revolutionary Accuracy

Our Trkd GPS mobile app records your location in a revolutionary way, using GPX for compatibility with other systems and Away Team's extensions to record additional details like location accuracy.

Trkd Maps' data analyser gets the best from your hardware by processing your data in ways that are impossible in real-time, and gives you the most accurate result your device can deliver.

Without a time machine.

See For Yourself

Try Trkd Maps for yourself, using real Trkd GPS data recorded on a walk from the O2 Arena to the Tower of London.

 GPX Demo

Download the GPX demo and follow the instructions to get started, or try our free Trkd Demo to record your own. Trkd Maps' analyser automatically sets the accuracy filtering for the GPX file when it loads.

Thames Walk on OS Maps

Accuracy filtering can be adjusted by clicking the button on the toolbar and selecting the filename from the drop down menu, or by right-clicking on the track on the map. Toggle the filter on or off to instantly see the difference it makes, and experiment with different settings to tailor them to your own Trkd GPS data if necessary.

Track Distance Total Error
Actual 9 miles -
Trkd Maps analyser 9.2 miles 2%
Without analyser 11.7 miles 30%

Getting Started

Record a GPX file on your device with the Trkd GPS app.

  1. Download it to a computer, e.g. via USB or Bluetooth.
  2. Launch Maps in a suitable web browser.
  3. Press the Foot button button, or drag and drop your file onto the map, to load and display your track.

Further details are given in the Quick Guide and FAQ.

Browser Requirements

Trkd Maps requires HTML5 features, supported in most modern web browsers.

The versions listed above are required for full functionality, and are free to download from their respective websites. Earlier browsers may support reduced functionality, though this is not recommended.